The cattle for La Pradera are held on a large (9000 hectare) livestock farm called Estancia Gaucho, located in the Uruguayan province of Rocha.

The professionals operating Estancia Gaucho prove that a closed cycle is possible, for example, the manure of the animals is used to grow the arable products.

La Pradera is not yet another beefbrand, but ‘a way of life’.

Keywords are natural, simple, healthy, animal-friendly and sustainable.


In terms of animal welfare and health, Estancia Gaucho is a worldwide leader, calves stay with the dams until they start grazing themselves, just as nature invented it more than 10.000 years ago. The heifers, oxen and bulls grow up in a herd under the watchful eye of the gauchos who make their rounds every day on the pasture plots, including clover and ryegrass.


Respecting nature and animal welfare are our main policies. We delve deep into our roots to achieve our primary objective: a sustainable production system that serves as a role model.


Our cattle herd is fed freely in open air, natural and improved pastures which are specially designed for rotational grazing systems. In this way, we ensure the propper conservation of the paddocks and soil making it more fertile which is our legacy for future generations.


Our cattle is a mix of english breeds, predominantly Angus and are bread at full-cycle extensive ranching.
Therefor we are able to ensure the homogeneity of our product as well.


Specially designed to be environmentally friendly, we generated a drinking system fed by pure water from dams which is pumped by solar energy and we are therefore able to guarantee permanent access to fresh and natural water.


We believe animal welfare is key point and therefore our cattle herd is under strict standards of care, constantly improving the techniques used, so as to respect not only cattle, but also the fauna that inhabits our ranch and its surroundings.


We combine research, technology, human and professional capability, through a highly qualified team, and security, oriented towards the traceability of animal production under strict international certifications.


La Pradera produces the following distinctive certified products:Organic, Grassfed and Angus (Hilton quote).Chilled (vacuumpacked, wet aged) or frozen (IWP non-aged) depending on EU quota.


In addition to organic certification, Estancia Gaucho and their partners are certified BRC, IFS, FSSC 22000 and Blockchain.

Naturally, La Pradera complies with European regulations (general foodlaw EC 178/2002).


La Pradera has the lowest emissions per kg of beef, measured up to a point of sale (POS) in Europe, sustainable parameters are audited annually. There is no transport of animal feed, secondly the animals are slaughtered relatively young (which means less methane gas is produced during ruminating), maritime transport only contributes 120-150 grams of CO2 eq to the total emissions.

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Importer: Van Messel Meat
Contact: Hans van der Wal
Tel: +31 (0) 10-422 2855


Street: Escudostraat 2
Postalcode: 2991 XV
City: Barendrecht
Country: The Netherlands

“We fell in love with the countryside and the way of life of the people of Uruguay.

We knew that ‘These are the people with whom we want to do business with.’ We gained the confidence of the people of La Pradera by honouring our commitments, based upon the simple principle; A better price for a better product.

Van Messel Meat then obtained the exclusive rights of La Pradera to bring their selected top quality meat to the European market.

The name ‘La Pradera’ is the “ode” to:
“The sustainable lifestyle of rural Uruguay, full of untouched nature and vast pampas”